New Release – Valley of the Scarecrow

New Release – Valley of the Scarecrow

We’re going to try and have author Gord Rollo stop by the E1 Blog at some point in the near future but in the meantime how about we announce the release of some of his titles.

First up, we have Valley of the Scarecrow.

“During the great depression, a small backwoods community in Iowa face even more difficult times than most, having to endure the slowly fading sanity of their leader, Reverend Joshua Miller. When it is clear the man has slipped beyond the edge of reason and perhaps signed a deal with the devil, the citizens unite to stop him any way they can, breaking into the church to lash the reverend to his wooden alter cross then boarding up the windows and doors to leave him to fate and God’s judgment. The people of Oak Valley then abandoned their town to the cornfields and woods; ending the madness for what they hoped was forever.

They were wrong!

Seventy-four years later, the corn and trees have taken back the area and not much is left of the once thriving little community but Joshua Miller’s desecrated church still stands, and within its boarded up and sun-baked walls something that used to be a holy man waits for whoever is unfortunate enough to release him from his cross…”

You can find the book available at Amazon Kindle right now sporting a brand new cover done by yours truly.

To connect with Gord, you can go to his website or jump over to Facebook/Twitter.