New Titles and a Promo!

New Titles and a Promo!

Well, after a successful launch things kind of went quiet there for a while there but that’s because we’ve been busy prepping the next round of titles!

We’re happy to announce we’ve released 3 new titles in the past little bit, some as most recently as the other night.

So without further ado, we’ve got James Rollo’s second title with us titled The Franciscan.


Father Giovanni Moretti, a prominent historian of the Franciscan brotherhood finds his devout routine changed overnight when he accidently discovers a secret chamber containing an early period Cassock. Stuffed inside the lining of the old robe is a faded hieroglyphic and coded manuscript that will shake his beliefs and remove him from the civilized glory of Rome to the remote and savage frontier of the Wild West.


With the decoded map entrusted to memory, the Franciscan sets out across the ocean blue on a two-fold mission that will take him on a journey fraught with danger and intrigue. He is not alone however; the sinister figure of Antoine Verdi, swindler and master of disguise stalks his every move.


It is a time when Pioneers pushed west to the Territory of Arizona and California, lured by gold fever and the prospect of untold riches and land for the taking – Indian land that is. In this historically accurate account, Father Moretti will survive deadly Indian uprisings and the Civil War during his search for the lost Opata mine. After experiencing success and bitter disappointment a surprise turn of events will see the saintly sleuth return to the civilized world where he’ll try and turn the tables on the master of disguise himself. Or die trying…

The Franciscan is also our first title to be sold on Kobo as well! So if you’re in the mood for adventure and a trip back through history, do check it out.

Next up we’ve got 2 new titles from horror and dark fantasy author Gord Rollo. They are the classic, The Jigsaw Man, and a brand new collection of short stories that we’ve titled Gods & Monsters. We’ve worked with Gord to collect the shorts and have come to the conclusion that there’s going to be as many as 3 different collections!

Here’s the blurbs for both:


Michael Fox is a homeless man living in a garbage dumpster beneath the Carver Street Bridge in Buffalo, NY. He’s bitterly depressed and ready to commit suicide; anything to put an end to his miserable existence.


When a mysterious billionaire surgeon offers Michael two million dollars for his right arm, he thinks his luck might be about to change. Little does he know that the surgeon has other plans for him. His arm is only the beginning. Bit by bit other pieces of Michael’s body are surgically removed; his natural body stripped away and then reassembled using other harvested parts from thirteen different ‘donors’.


Now Fox isn’t sure if he’s a man or a monster, or whether or not he’d be better off dead. One thing he is sure of though, he’s not checking out of this world until he finds a way to make the people responsible pay for turning him into the experimental nightmare known as… The Jigsaw Man.

Since storytellers first put pen to paper, religious dogma and spiritual beliefs have always played key roles in the various genres of dark fiction. Humanity’s obsession with mortality and what might or might not happen after our inevitable deaths has long been tantalizing fodder for authors and dreamers alike.


Now collected together for the first time ever, acclaimed horror and fantasy author Gord Rollo shares his own dark visions about the cruel gods and vicious monsters that wander his imagination and keep him awake at night. Grab your bible, your crucifix, your holy water, and whatever else makes you feel comforted and safe – you just might need them. Within this volume you’ll find stories of shattered faith, drowned hopes, haunted spirits, fallen angels, and the paralyzing fear of the unknown abyss that awaits us all after we’ve taken our final breath…

Gods & Monsters features the following short stories:

— Divine Intervention
— Chamber of the Gods (Co-written with Brett Savory)
— Chopper’s Hands
— Love; In Pieces
— Breath of an Angel/Touch of the Devil (Co-written with Gene O’Neill)
— The Last Straw
— Moving Pictures
— The Face of an Unlikely God

We’re also happy to announce that in celebration some of Gord’s books are going to be on promotion over the next 2 weeks. This week you’ll find The Dark Side of Heaven absolutely FREE Oct 16th and 17th for Kindle! As well, next week Crowley’s Window will be free as part of a Halloween promotion we’re doing with 24 other authors. Craziness.