Paperbacks Galore!

Paperbacks Galore!

I know some of you have been waiting patiently so we’re happy to announce paperback versions of the following titles. They are ready to go and available for sale right now on Amazon. They measure 5 x 8 inches and would be considered Trade Paperbacks. Go grab your copy today!Gord Rollo Paperbacks

By Gord Rollo:

The Jigsaw Man $14.95 US, 356 Pages

Valley of the Scarecrow $14.95 US, 360 Pages

Gods & Monsters: Vol. 1 $9.95 US, 220 Pages

Crowley’s Window $7.95 US. 150 Pages



By James Rollo:

The Franciscan $14.95 US, 294 Pages


A new version of The Dark Side of Heaven by Gord will probably follow in the New Year as well as the continuation of his Short Fiction Collections with Volumes 2 and 3. For those curious about bookseller options or wholesale purchases, we’re going to be putting up a page outlining some options for you shortly.