Books on Kobo

Books on Kobo

We’ve slowly been trying to get some of our titles on the Kobo platform and we’re happy to announce that almost 100% of them are now available!

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve uploaded recently. All titles by Gord Rollo:

Timothy Meek (Short story)

The Face of an Unlikely God (Novelette)

Peeler (Novelette)

Crowley’s Window (Novella)

Valley of the Scarecrow (Novel)

The Dark Side of Heaven (Novella)


We also recently released a special collection from Gord Rollo. It includes all of his novella works to date, which are Crowley’s Window, The Dark Side of Heaven, and Peeler. So if you’re looking for a deal and haven’t read any of those titles, grab the collection because it’s a bargain.

We’re also trying our first sets of perma-free downloads. These will be free for the time being until we swap out titles on all platforms. Kindle will eventually go free as well. We’ve got a Gord Rollo Sampler Pack we’ve created to entice readers with his wonderful, dark words and a free short story from Gord titled Lost in a Field of Paper Flowers which I handpicked to be featured. So feel free to recommend those freebies to friends of yours who you think might be interested!

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In the New Year, we’ll be releasing Strange Magic by Gord as well as Crimson by the looks of it. We’re pushing to have Time & Space in Paperback before X-mas so we’ll let you know on Twitter or Facebook once it’s ready to go and available for purchase.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday!