The Gang

  • Adam Geen

  • Dreamer, Mad Scientist

Adam Geen got his start in comic books illustrating and colouring the book, Shuddertown, from Image Comics/Shadowline. He’s now concentrating his efforts on publishing and writing novels through his company, EnemyOne. He hopes to one day build an empire big enough to support all of his various creative endeavors which would include a comic book store, a pub, and a graphic design company on top of all this publishing nonsense. He lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife, and their two dogs.

  • Adam Sypnier

  • Internet King, Foolish Creator

The mysterious creature from the venerable Soandso clan has found life to be an uphill battle. Facing elements unfit for any man, let alone a feeble one, he has surprised all state recognized death pools and persevered to now battle cyborgs and bears equally on a daily basis. He celebrates each victory with a self-penned story, often in comic book form. He lives in Brooklyn with a doe-eyed hellbeast named Chuck.